Tamayo Shop x Emilio Bianchic

Feb 04, 202009 Feb 2020

10:00 - 18:00 h



The Uruguayan artist, Emilio Bianchic, presents at the Tamayo Shop a series of works / merch that escape common sense and the prevailing practicality. Bianchic makes clothes, accessories and a book from a decidedly queer place, linked to everyday action, transformation and fun.


Emilio Bianchic works on the limits of the body and the identity constructed from basic and daily actions, using clumsiness, the impossible and foolishness as a force of social action and performance. With Desmanicuría, Bianchic transforms the space at the Tamayo Shop into an insane nail salon, where participants can access unthinkable manicures, such as sculptural landscapes difficult to manoeuvre.

Desmanicuría seeks to destabilise a practice as common as manicure, creating ephemeral structures in the hands, the means by which we access almost everything, as a way to reset our actions.

FEETPAINTING WORKSHOP - Painting with the feet

Saturday, February 8

Time: 12:00 - 14:00 h

Place: Sala educativa


This workshop open to the public consists of a Feetpainting encounter where we will make individual or group paintings using our feet, motivated by mistakes, confusion and clumsiness as a force of creation, as well as all things that overflow with the standardised lines of behavior, corporality and expected results.

We will use paint, fake nails, nail polish, glitter and other decorations to create improvised paintings, but we also invite participants to bring clothes (shirts, divers, pants) or any support where they will want to carry out their work.


The pieces of the Feetpainting collection will be available at the Tamayo Shop starting on February the 4th. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants painted entirely with the feet that escape the production models and standard logic.

Beach sweatshirts and Fishion bags contrast with humor the reality of fashion with a more popular space and less fashion like the beach.

Meow stockings reproduce the artist's feet with red-painted nails, like an optical illusion that transforms the feet of the person wearing them.

The Uñillos are nail rings that play with the difficulty of long fake nails but with the ease and practicality of the rings.

Nail stickers allow you to create different themes in each hand without using nail polish.

WOW is a cell phone photo book, taken between 2016 and 2019, that collects almost impossible spontaneous images of hands, feet and nails that existed for a few seconds. The book contains texts by Santiago Villanueva and Kerry Doran and the design is by Agustín Ceretti. Edited by UV editions.