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15 May 201931 October 2020

kit de prensa


The Museo Tamayo’s collection has a large number of works commonly classified as “modern art” and various examples of contemporary art. It dates from the 1970s, when Olga and Rufino Tamayo began to collect the pieces that would become the core of this museum, which was founded in 1981. The collection has continued to grow to this day, incorporating many works derived from the emergence of conceptualism in various parts of the world.

The current exhibition was not conceived to be chronological or thematical, but rather to establish associations between different works of art—be they visual, material, conceptual or of any other kind—emphasizing explorations of geometry and color. Additionally, it reconsiders and questions the art historical canon that, in large part, is composed of male artists. Based on these associative exercises, the exhibition disputes traditional classifications that have determined how we look at, how we collect, and how we display art.

Through the identification of common interests, both formal and conceptual, that have persisted for decades between works from different periods and contexts, the exhibition allows us to think of alternate narratives, of other discourses and histories of art. The most recent works, far from being an exploration that is independent and disconnected from the works that precede them, examine the history of art in terms of the narratives and ideas that form it, and in the possible meanings that certain practices from the past could have today. In this way, the exhibition questions the historiographic division between modern and contemporary art.

Image 1: Two Figures with a Monkey, 1973. Francis Bacon

Image 2: Nu sur un divan, 1960. Pablo Picasso
Image 3: La femme cheval, 1949. Wifredo Lam

Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, INBAL, Secretaría de Cultura