Past Exhibitions

Museographic essay no. 1 (Practice in the art museum)

Jac Leirner, DAVID LAMELAS, Colectivo Claire Fontaine

Past Exhibition

04 February 201515 February 2015

museographic essays are a series of brief presentations which mainly inspiredfind their central inspiration within theby works of in the museum’s collection and the museum’s artistic program. With this series, a certainwe hope to enhance dynamismcertain dynamics in of our artistic program is offered byoffering a variety of spontaneous approximations that will activate the museum’s assetsthe museum’s archives.

museographic essay no. 1 (Practice in the art museum) emphasizes the use of internal (institutional) space and the external space, parting from several works of in the collection and the capacity of to reinventing points of view that influence our our experience within the museum space. The selection of photographs from the Olga Tamayo Archive at the center of this essay pretend to establish a dialogue with the works from the collection that can can potentially refer both to the internal and external, as a type of reflection onf the multiplicity of cultural activities in which Rufino Tamayo himself gotwas involved, as a way to to nurture among others,e the institutional project he developed throughout his life time.