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Rashid Johnson

Past Exhibition

27 July 201910 November 2019

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Kit de Prensa

Kit de prensa


Taking as a starting point multiple literary, musical and historical references, RashidJohnson (Chicago, 1977) explores distinct narratives, processing the thought of differentminds to establish understandings of identity. With an interest in utility, Johnson discussesa position in historical reflection, memory and daily life: a contemplation of our ownidentity as adults in relationship to our childhood.

The artworks of Rashid Johnson explore and redefine notions of blackness by blending awide range of sources. Rufino Tamayo said in an interview with Antonio Rodríguez in 1947 “what is national is secondary to the piece of art, but as a Mexican, as the Indian I am, what is Mexican comes out of me naturally, without the necessity of having to search for it. ”In the same way Johnson doesn’t need to search for blackness because it’s an intrinsic part of his work; it’s found in the materials he uses: shea butter, black soap and tropical plants. All of this opposes to his particular treatment of the materials and forms, as well as the reconfiguration of the minimalist attitudes. The artwork is presented as an object between object and man.

The exhibition The Hikers presents a selection of paintings belonging to different series, all of which display a constant representation of anxiety. These works show anxious heads and torsos that can be related to the feelings and the behavior of society provoked by political, racial, economic and environmental issues. Tied to a similar theme, a seven —minute video— namesake of the exhibition—is shown.