Past Exhibitions

Overlaps: Latin America art in Mexican collections

Marcelo Bonevardi, Claudio Bravo, Sergio de Camargo, Arcangelo Ianelli, Julio Le Parc, Jesús Rafael Soto, Joaquín Torres García, Omar Rayo, Rogelio Polesello, Roberto Matta, Wilfredo Lam, Armando Morales Sequeira

Past Exhibition

23 May 201504 October 2015

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Overlaps: Latin American Art in Mexican Collections, presents a series of works belonging to the four most important private and public art collections in modern art: Museo Tamayo, Museo de Arte Moderno, FEMSA and Colección Pérez Simón.

Curated by James Oles, Overlaps explores the dialogues that are established through 56 artworks by 12 Latin American artists: Marcelo Bonevardi (Argentina), Claudio Bravo (Chile), Sergio de Camargo (Brasil), Arcangelo Ianelli (Brasil), Wifredo Lam (Cuba), Julio Le Parc (Argentina),Roberto Matta (Chile), Armando Morales (Nicaragua), Rogelio Polesello (Argentina), Omar Rayo (Colombia), Jesús Rafael Soto (Venezuela) and Joaquín Torres-García (Uruguay).

Rather than offer a broad historical survey or a tight examination of a particular style, the present exhibition emphasizes duplications and overlaps as a diagnostic tool. It reveals twelve points where taste has overlapped, despite distinct historical and personal factors that shaped the four collections. As such, the project provides an alternative approach to the ways we show, discuss, and understand the contested field of “Latin American art.”